The development, creativity and furniture industry unit is designed to offer accredited furniture design services to furniture factories and individuals based on global standards.


The unit aims at:

  • Preparing qualified and professional cadres through developing education programmes and offering specialized vocational‏ ‏and technical training courses in furniture industry.
  • Cooperating with An-Najah’s Engineering and Construction Department in terms of supervision, planning, implementation and building the university new facilities.
  • Assuring quality and providing accredited services in interior and graphic design.
  • Developing and modernizing productsin terms of design‏.‏
  • Offering testing laboratories for the furniture industry.
  • Assuring the development and implementation of technical regulations and standards in the Palestinian furniture sector.
  • Assuring the application of modern administrative systems and quality regulations in the furniture sector.
  • ‎‎Playing an active role in marketing furniture to the public.
  • Conducting scientific and applied research and implementing pioneering projects to develop the furniture industry.
  • Preparing specialized studies and statistics and establishing an information platform.
  • ‎‎Encouraging national products‏ ‏and ensuring product safety and consumer protection.