The interior design and standard measurements unit offers technical and scientific counselling and interior design services to the local community. It also provides a comfortable and healthy interior environment.

Unit Goals:‎

The unit aims at:

  • Offering academic, technical and scientific counselling of high quality based on international standards
  • Offering accredited interior design services to the university students and the Palestinian community
  • Offering interior design services when holding exhibitions, conferences, seminars, festivals and graduation ceremonies in the university
  • Offering professional practical training programmes for the interior design students at the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Designing and implementing decoration designs of the university's spaces and various entrances
  • Cooperating with An-Najah’s Engineering and Construction Department in terms of supervision, planning, implementation and building the university new facilities.
  • Offering educational and training courses on interior design programmes for designers and professionals
  • Raising the awareness among people about their rights and duties in selecting materials that meet the international standards and choosing the right design
  • Conducting studies in interior design
  • Offering modern teaching courses on interior design
  • Participating in meetings, workshops and international conferences on interior design