The TV and Theatre Design Unit‏ ‏is responsible for designing the space in which the performance takes place. It has been created in order to help designers get up sizes and possibilities for custom furniture and backdrops for broadcast studio set design. This includes the set, props and costumes, but can also encompass sound, lighting and other digital aspects.


The unit aims at:

  • Providing technical solutions and academic counselling regarding TV design.
  • Offering TV design services to the media organizations‏ ‏in Palestine such as An-Najah Broadcasting Channel (NBC).
  • Establishing training and academic exchange programmes on TV design and montage to foster relations of cooperation between the interior design and TV design centre and the local and international institutions.
  • Offering training courses on TV design and film editing.
  • Marketing the TV and Theatre Design Unit through various media and strengthening the cooperation with the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation and other local institutions.
  • Strengthening‏ ‏partnerships with the private sector through joint projects‏.‏